About US

AKS University are all aimed at knowledge-creation & skill-development, for the regional industry like Cement and cable, and for managing abundant regional natural resources like water, agriculture, environment, mines. This "Industry-Centric" approach of AKS University is giving the students assured opportunities for internship & practical training and knowledge-sharing sessions from industry professionals, and giving to the faculty member’s ample research-and-consultancy opportunities .

About AKS Radio 90.4 FM

AKS Radio 90.4 FM is licencsed from Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt of India and Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Govt of India.

AKS Radio 90.4 FM is a community radio station based in Satna (M.P). This is the FIRST FM RADIO STATION in our city.

Our station has a broadcasting range of over 30kms radius from Satna

Along with providing uninterrupted quality music, we broadcast content that is popular and relevant to a local, specific audience including educational programs on agriculture, healthcare, women, etc. with listeners in both households and workplaces around the district.

We are broadcasting Advertisements also, to encourage the local businesses.


- We have 30kms of radius.

- Covering 2.8 lac of population.

- Listenership as of now is more than 10,000 approx.